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Royal Printing; Our Services are available 7 Days a Week by “Walk-In & Appointments” ( Mon-Sat 9:00 am – 6:00 pm). After Hours, Sundays and Public Holiday Services are limited by “Appointment only” (Mon-Sat 6:00 am – 8:55 am, & Mon-Sat 6:05 pm – 9:30 pm , and Sundays and Holidays 6:00 am-9:30 pm). The listed price is guaranteed. An additional charge of $30 will apply to the total Price of the services on After Hours, Sundays &  Public Holidays. Tap the link for Public  Holidays:-  https://www.michigan.gov/som/government/state-holidays .

New, Advanced, Fast, Digital Live Scan & Paper-Ink and roll card submission through the approved agency. For the Live Scan Background Check, tap the link https://www.royalfingerprinting.com/live-scan/. For more information and pricelist:  https://www.royalprinting123.com/fingerprinting.html . For the FBI-FD258, RI008,SF-87  etc. and/or out of State (50 State) / Nation – Roll and Ink or Live Scan Ink Card: FBI (FD-258) – Background Check ? – Royal Finger Printing For the BCI-FBI  Check: BCI – Civilian Background – Royal Finger Printing

You can Just Walk-In “No Rush or No Long Wait” assuring a 5 – 10 minute time frame for IN & OUT. Law Enforcement approved agency (FBI, State Police, Florida State Police -FDLE, Clearing House, and DOJ).

In all 50 states in the USA, we are authorized to transmit background checks through the FBI, Clearing House, and or State Police for jobs, licenses, court, personal review, rap sheet, FBI clearance, Level1 and Level 2, ATF, criminal history, visas for international studies, immigration, schools, travel, etc. For all departments (national and international), we provide Documentation, Notarization, Photos, and DOJ Payments with Mailing (USPS tracked – Priority and Express).

Live Scan Fingerprinting locations at Shelby Charter Township have never been so easy in the City of Shelby Charter Township. First and Foremost Live Scan background check service provider from Michigan State to Florida State. Approved by the Bio-Metric and Identification Division (BIO), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Justice ( DOJ) Criminal Justice (CJIS), Michigan State Police (MSP), Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Florida Health, Florida Clearing House, Michigan Health LARA. Out of State, FDLE and FBI are assigned hundreds of ORI numbers. To identify the department or agency, either you can select ORI numbers from our listed link or obtain an ORI number from your requesting agency. We are strongly recommended “Electronic/Live Scan submission for Michigan and Florida.

LIVE SCAN: FBI and State – Identity History Summary Check
CARD PRINT: Card Print and Processing – FBI and State Police
BCI and FBI Card Print and Document – 50 States
FBI Criminal History Record or a Rap Sheet Check
Hard Card Processing (FBI FD-258, RI-008, BCI, SF, etc)
State Paper Ink and Roll Card Sales and Services
 DOJ Payments, Documentation, Processing, Mailing, and Faxing
FBI Background Check – National and International Check 
Notary Public:  Secretary of State Attested, State of  MI – Licensed
ATF / FBI Delays or Denial – VAF / Challenge

ATF Services : FFL / NFA / FEL

ATF:  CPL, CW, CWR, FFL,  Shall Issue, Firearms
Carry Pistol License, Right to Carry, Concealed Weapons, CCW
Digital Photo: National and International- Instant Photo

2 x 2 Passport Photos (Digital and Print) USA, CANADA, and Global

USPS Mailing: Priority / Express with Tracking Number
Payments: Accept All Methord of Payments 


A background check may include “Criminal records (including county, state, and federal crimes, sex offender status, arrest information, and incarceration history), SSN validation and legal working status, Education verification, Driving records, Credit report (Bankruptcies & accounts up for collection), Personal and professional references, Drug test results, Military records, Employment history, Online footprint (social media accounts)”, Petitioning the court for a legal change of name, Procedure to set aside a conviction etc.

Walk-In & Appointments; 7 Days a Week Service Law Enforcement Authorized Agency  for 50 State Fingerprint and Background Check ( BCI & FBI). Services included National and International Check for the Visa/Travel.  Authorized for LARA Michigan, Health Department, Licensing, School, Bar- Exam/Licensing, State Exam/Central Exam, Rap Sheet (FBI&State), Employment Clearence Check, Michigan Clearence, FDLE Clearence, Florida Health Live Scan, CJIS, DOJ, FBI, Court Orders, Adoption, Concealed Pistol – CPL, Liquor License, Conviction Set Aside, Fingerprint Registration, MLS Live Scan, Name Change, Personal Record Review, Expungement, Criminal Record, Felony, Misdemeanors, Personal Record of Challenge, ATF (FFL, NFA and FEL) – VAF and Record of Challenge , ATF Delays or Denial BC (Fingerprint, Documentation and Mailing), Out of State BICI and FBI Background Check.

Free – Application Form Download ( RI-030 & FL22 ) • Free – Sample Digital form for FBI-FD258 and Consent. Charges listed are included Gov. Fees • Our System 24/7 Connected to FDLE, MSP & FBI CJIS – “Fast Run Process -Same Day Result, Services are Approved by all the Departments in USA • “We Work Independently” – Avoided Middle Agencies / Partners / Middle Man • Classical Lobby With Sufficient Chairs – Relax Back • Compassion, Respect, And Understanding • Our Customers Are Our Greatest Strength • Offer Flexibility And Door Step Services.

• 24/7 Review Records and Technical Support • Accept All Method Of Payments (Check, Cash, Card, PayPal, Money Orders, Online Payments, Direct Bank Deposits Etc) With No Additional Charges • 90-Day Re-Print! Up to 15-20% OFF.

We provide the following FREE SERVICES:

  1. 24/7 Review Records and Technical Support
  2. Computer and  Wi-FI accessing
  3. Live Scan Digital Form
  4. Official Envelop for mailing
  5. COVID -19 PREVENTION KIT ( Mask, Gloves, and Hand Sanitizer)
  6. Support for: Our 50 State Background Check Documentation, Notarization, Digital and Printing Photo, FBI Seal, ATF, BCI, State Card, Name Change Petetion, Criminal Record, Criminal Conviction Removed (Expungement), Michigan Felony, Michigan Misdemeanors, Michigan Felony-misdemeanors DOJ Payment with Mailing Service.

Royal Printing, value the health and wellness of our customers. Assuring the highest precautions; Customers please use sanitize hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or wash them with soap and water provided. Before you leave our office, your responsibility is to double-check all the paper works are in order. Applicants, please don’t leave or forget your personal belongings unattended.  Assuring, Royal Printing will resolve all of your worries about background checks with a simple smile and you can leave our office with a happy smiley face.


Mask is optional: Royal Printing, we value the health and wellness of our customers. If you have reached full vaccination (2 weeks after the second dose in a 2-dose series or 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine) then you no longer need to wear a mask in most circumstances.  We are Assuring the highest precautions; Customers please use sanitize your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or wash them with the soap and water provided. Our equipment and enrollment areas are sanitized periodically. If you are sick or start to feel symptoms of being sick, PLEASE do not come to our office. You can reschedule your appointment or Walk-In.

Fast & Easy Application Process


Feel free and WALK-IN

Feel free and WALK-IN. If you would like to schedule an appointment, we will make sure that you are in the requested queue.


Processing Time Frame

Our fingerprinting process should take anywhere between 5-10 minutes, depending on the image quality of your prints.


Payment Methods

Accept All Method Of Payments (Check, Cash, Card, PayPal, Money Orders, Online Payments etc) with no additional charges.



Michigan Live Scan Background Check is under the control of Michigan State Police – Bio-metrics & Identification Division (BIO), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – CJIS, Department of Justice ( DOJ), and Law Enforcement agency. Our employees are knowledgeable and experienced in every aspect of National, International, Instate, and Out of State background checks.  Please bring two Live Scan filled out application forms attached with a valid Government issued Photo ID. We take Digital Photographs together with fingerprints are optional, approved by the FBI – FREE.

We are authorized – USE ME for the verification



Background checks are accompanied by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Criminal Justice (CJIS), and Department of Justice (DOJ).  The background checking process is Live and the results are so fast.  For this process needed either “Requesting agency ID (RQID)” or  “Originating Agency Identification (ORI)”.  Please bring two Live Scan filled out the application forms attached with a valid Government issued Photo ID. FDLE ORI Chart is attached, you will have the information about the Department/Agency and the Reason for fingerprinting. We take Digital Photographs together with fingerprints as mandatory – FREE.




First and Foremost Live Scan Background Check service provider from Michigan State.  Authorized by the Florida State Police,  Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Florida – AHCA, Florida Health, Florida Clearinghouse, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Justice ( DOJ) Criminal Justice (CJIS), and Law Enforcement agencies. Please bring two Live Scan filled out application forms attached with a valid Government issued Photo ID. We take Digital Photographs together with fingerprints as mandatory – FREE.

We are authorized – USE ME for the verification











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