Fingerprint Cards

This is the standard FBI fingerprint card, form No. FD-258 version: 5-15-17 used by the FBI, Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and many police agencies for noncriminal fingerprinting such as for employment clearances or immigration. Start with two separate quality ink prints on a FD-258.

FBI Background Check

Procedure to search criminal history

Individuals requesting their own criminal history for a visa, immigration, personal records check, or adoption should remember the following.

  • If you are a Michigan resident, go to your local Michigan law enforcement agency (Royal Printing) and ask to be printed on a Michigan Applicant Fingerprint card (RI-008).
  • If you are not a Michigan resident but require a Michigan criminal history record check, go to any law enforcement agency (Royal Printing) in the state where you reside and ask to be printed on an FBI Applicant Fingerprint Card (FD-258).  The “Reason Fingerprinted” block of the card writes in “Michigan Record Check”.  Complete the card entirely.  Include a cover letter explaining the reason for the fingerprint submission.  Requirements are the same as Michigan residents.

Documentation needed

Obtain a Live Scan request form from your employer/licensing agency.

  • Complete the center section of the form.
  • Contact approved Live Scan vendor.
  • The Live Scan site will collect the State and FBI search fee.  Plus a fee for the service will be set by the Live Scan vendor.
  • Turnaround time is seven business days or less.  Responses will be returned to the requester identified by the agency ID number.

Employers needing an agency number can call the number below.