We work with a number of companies in various industries. The proof of our work is in our client base; Our clients are our partners and our priority. Call at any time for W/O Appointment. New, Advanced, Fast, Digital Live Scan & Paper-Ink and roll card submission through the Law Enforcement Approved Agency. Trusted by the Bio-Metric and Identification Division (BIO), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Justice ( DOJ) Criminal Justice (CJIS), Michigan State Police (MSP), Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Florida Health, Michigan Health LARA, FBI and out of states.  We open 7 Days a Week, each tractions are processing “First-in First-out (FIFO) or Queue” basis. We are offering 90-Day Re-Print! Up to 50% OFF with satisfaction guaranteed, no need any kind of filled up application forms.

No Appointment...... “JUST WALK-IN”

Michigan State
LARA – Michigan
Florida Health
Florida – AHCA
Florida (FDLE ) State Police
Florida Clearinghouse
Michigan State Police
Security Alarm
Home Health Care
Nursing Home
Medical Field
Criminal Justice Employment
Out of State Card Scanning
Chauffer License
IT & Staffing
Mortgage Services
Waste Management
Licensed Practical Nurse
Fire Arms

Child Care/Protective Services
Licensed Practical Nurse
Registered Practical Nurse
Medical Marijuana
Conceal And Carry
Liquor License
Public and Private Schools
Remitter/Vehicle Dealer License
Schools and Collages
Protective Services
Banking Industries
Personal State Background Check
Employment and Licensing
Personal “Rap Sheet”
National Background Check
Criminal Justice Applicant
Construction Field
Restaurant & Fast Food
Department of Public Works