What is Live Scan Fingerprinting or Electronic Fingerprinting

Electronic Fingerprinting or Live Scan is an inkless electronic system designed to capture an individual’s fingerprint images and demographic data, the digitized format that can be transmitted to the state (State Police) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) for processing over a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and or special Port. This process is “Live”,  transferring data in a short period of time with 100% accuracy. For the Live Scan data transferring, the applicant must submit a filled-up Live Scan application form with ORI / Agency Code; Code identify the Agency, Department, or DOJ. Our employees are knowledgeable and experienced in each and every aspect of the National, International, Instate, and Out of State background check. “Trust” – Royal Printing,  we take all of your worries related to Background Checks and provide FREE technical assistance.

Photo ID Verification

Submit One Primary ID or..: The most commonly accepted forms of photo ID issued by the Government Authorities are Driving License, State ID, Military ID, Green Card, U.S. Passport or Passport Card, Federal Government Personal Identity Verification Card (PIV), Federal/State/Local government agency ID card, Canadian driver’s license, Foreign Passport with Appropriate Immigration Document (s), etc. Make sure all the identification documents are original (“not copied”), current, valid, and unexpired.

Our services cover up almost all Agencies, Department and DOJ (FDLE, Clearing House, DOH, DBPR, Florida AHCA, CMS, APD, VR, DOEA, DJJ, CCC, FHP, DHSMV, FLDOE, ACCESS, OFR, DOR, FDACSMOLES, LARA, Health Care, Schools and Colleges, EDUStaff, Staffing Companies, Volunteer, Home Health Care, Adoption, NCPA – Child Protection employment, Medical Marijuana, Physician, Private Security & Investigator License, Law Enforcement Academy, Medicaid Providers, Nursing Home, Polygraph License, Home For the Aged Licensing , Department of Agriculture, Department of State, Child Care Institution, Consumer & Industry SVCS, Private Detective, Security Guard, Adult Foster Care, Hospitals, Insurance, Child Care/Protective Services, Federal Firearms License – FFL, Concealed Pistol / Carry Pistol License – CPL, Concealed Weapon License – CW, Concealed Carry Weapon License – CCW, Concealed Carry Weapon Renewal – CWR, Firearm Denial – FD, Liquor License, Public and Private Schools, Michigan State, Security Alarm, Airport, USPS/FedEx/UPS/DHL, Housekeepers, Criminal Justice Employment, Chauffer License, IT & Staffing, Mortgage Services, Waste Management, Restaurant & Fast Food, Department of Public Works, Transportation, Licensed Practical Nurse, law enforcement, Fire Arms, PERC, Remitter/Vehicle Dealer License, Protective Services, Banking Industries, Personal State Background Check, Solicitors, Employment and Licensing, Criminal Justice Applicant, Volunteer, Construction Field, Carry Pistol License, Visa/Immigration, Personal Record Review, Name Change, Housing Commission, U.S.A. Department of Justice –  Secretary of State, District Court, Police”, U.S.A. Department of Defense – Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Military etc.)

We Print and Process – DOJ Cards, it will cover up all most all the states in the USA. Digitally printed individual’s Fingerprint images and Demographic data are using for the Ink Card printing, offering 100% accuracy and less than 2% rejection.  Please “no handwriting fill out” on the card, we will digitally print your demo-graphical data on the card  FREE of charge – NO MISTAKE.  We Sell Blank FBI & DOJ Cards at FREE  cost and provide related services are Print, Attest & Authorize, DOJ – Payments, Document (Covering letter) and mail the packet(USPS Priority Flat & Priority Express with Tracking Number) with sign and seal.   Some examples of FBI and DOJ Cards are FD-258, RI-8, BCI, D-258, SF-87, FD-24, FD-353, FD-884, FD-884a, etc. If anyone brings their own card, please make sure your card is FBI or State-approved with the latest version.

Royal Printing, “Walk-In & Appointments”; Services are available 7 Days a Week, and the listed price is guaranteed on every normal working day (Mon – Sat 8:00am to 6:00pm). Additional charge $20 will apply to the Subtotal Price of the services on After Hours, Sundays and US Public Holidays.   You can Just Walk-In “No Rush or No Long Wait” assuring a 5 – 10 minute time frame for IN & OUT. We are Authorized all the 50 states in USA. New, Advanced, Fast, Digital Live Scan & Paper-Ink and roll card submission through the Law Enforcement approved agency.   Live Scan Fingerprinting location at Shelby Charter Township have never been so easy in the City of Shelby Charter Township. First and Foremost Live Scan background check service provider from Michigan State to Florida State. Approved by the Bio-Metric and Identification Division (BIO), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Justice ( DOJ) Criminal Justice (CJIS), Michigan State Police (MSP), Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Florida Health, Florida Clearing House, Michigan Health LARA. Out of State, FDLE and FBI are assigned hundreds of ORI numbers. In order to identify the department or agency, either you can select ORI numbers from our listed link or to obtain an ORI number from your requesting agency. We are strongly recommended “Electronic/Live Scan submission for the Michigan and Florida.

  • Michigan Livescan

We work for the Resident, Non-Resident, National, and or International applicant – faster than ever “implemented latest Digital Technology”.  Michigan Live Scan Background Check is under the control of Michigan State Police – Bio-metrics & Identification Division (BIO) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS). Nonresident Michigan State Applicant (Address Proof and Photo ID are out of State) can also apply for the Michigan State job.  We take Digital Photographs together with fingerprints is optional, as per the request of Michigan BIO we attached this service – it helps speedy processes, most of them out of state are compulsory to do this service – FREE. We are authorized, use this link to verify


  1. Submit Two Sets Of  Michigan State Police Live Scan Application Form – RI30. 
  2. Valid Photo ID (State ID / Drivers License / Passport etc.).
  3. Appointment or Walk-In.
  4. Wait 1-2 Days after fingerprint.

  • Florida Livescan

First and Foremost Live Scan Background Check service provider from  Michigan State. We work for the Resident, Non-Resident, National, and or International applicant – faster than ever “implemented latest Digital Technology”. Florida Live Scan Background Check is under the control of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS), and Clearing House. We take Digital Photographs together with fingerprints is mandatory – FREE. We are authorized, use this link to verify


  1. Submit either a Live Scan Application form from your agency or use the FL22 attached.
  2. Valid Photo ID (State ID / Drivers License / Passport etc.).
  3. Appointment or Walk-In.
  4. Wait 1-2 Days after fingerprint.

Click Here for the FDLE-TCN Application Status

Factors of Poor Fingerprint Quality

  1. Dry fingers due to the natural aging process.
  2. Worn ridge structure due to occupation.
  3. Finer ridge structure specific to a demographic group.
  4. Uncooperative subject.
  5. Nervous Subject.
  6. Humidity / Temperature.
  7. Seasonal Change.
  8. Ambient Light.
  9. High Throughput/ Reduced Capture Time.
  10. Unclean Scanner Platen.
  11. Application Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  12. Ease of Scanner Use / Interaction.

How to Submit a Legible Fingerprint

  1. Minimize hand-washing to avoid worn ridge.
  2. Applying lotion at night and wearing gloves to bed.
  3. Use Digital Fingerprint technology (Live Scan) for Paper-Ink and Roll Card rather than Old Ink Style (Both are Ink Printing).
  4. Take a Break in between the attempt and Rubbing Fingers.

Quality Fingerprints

Female subjects have worse image quality, so before submitting fingerprints please practice the above tips. Left-hand fingerprint quality is worse than right-hand Image. Quality worsens as the subject’s age increases. Approximately 2% of the Applicants will be rejected due to poor fingerprint image quality. We are always trying our best to reach 75% above fingerprint quality ratting even if it needed 30%. Royal printing is not at all responsible for the rejection due to poor fingerprint quality, missed agency attestation and or authorization with signature, filled out the application form, and or incorrect data entry. Before you leave our office or submit Fingerprint Card, your responsibility is to double-check all of your paper works. Royal Printing, we identify you and authorize your card with our official signature. You are responsible for getting our official signature, certification, covering letter, stamp, and sealed envelope from us. We provide an official envelope to all of our customers FREE of charge. We are also providing USPS Priority mail services with Tracking Number. All the transactions are final and NO REFUND.  Assuring 100 % satisfaction and we are recommending that you apply ample lotion to your hands throughout the day for at least one week prior to returning to our location for the re-submission.

How fingerprints are formed and why it is unique to an individual

A person’s fingerprints are formed when they are a tiny developing baby in their mother’s womb. Fingerprints are the tiny ridges, whorls, and valley patterns on the tip of each finger. Fingerprints forms from pressure on a baby’s tiny, developing fingers in the womb. No two people have been found to have the same fingerprints, they are totally unique. There’s a one in 64 billion chance that your fingerprint will match up exactly with someone else’s. Fingerprints are even more unique than DNA, the genetic material in each of our cells. Although identical twins can share the same DNA or at least most of it, they can’t have the same fingerprints.

How Fingerprints related to Criminal Investigations

Fingerprint identification is one of the most important criminal investigation tools. A fingerprint in its narrow sense is an impression left by the friction ridges of a human finger. Human fingerprints are detailed, nearly unique, and difficult to alter. The digital fingerprinting system reduces error rates and provides instant feedback.

Missing or Deformed Fingers

If the finger is missing or deformed, every attempt should be made to record the fingerprint impression blocks. If unable to record the image, simply place a notation in the fingerprint block. Missing fingers are fingers physically present but cannot be recorded at the time of capture due to injury.

Amputated fingers

If a portion of the first joint is present, record the available fingerprint pattern area in both the rolled and plain impression blocks.

Extra fingers

When fingerprinting an individual with an extra finger, record only the thumb and the next four fingers. Do not record the extra finger as either a rolled or plain impression.

Scarred fingers

Record scarred fingers in both the rolled and plain impressions without a notation.

Worn fingerprints

An individual, by the nature of their work or age, may have very thin or worn ridges in the pattern area. Record worn fingers in both the rolled and plain impressions without a notation.

Instant Passport Photos 2 x 2 & World Wide Photos: Ready to go 10 Minute USA / CANADA Printed (1-2) Or Digital Copy $20 additional copy (1-2) $10. We are using a global-wide photo template to cover up all the nations, it meets the official requirements of the nations. Our professional photos can be useful for the Visa (Temporary / Resident), E-Visa, PIO, Passport, Citizenship, Permanent Resident, Green card, PCC / Birth Certificate, FRRO, Driving License, ID Card, Taxi License and much more. Please let us know your country name and requirements, you will get the photographs at your fingertips within no time.

Michigan’s Law on Notarial Acts (MiLONA), P.A. 238 of 2003, as amended, is an act to provide for the qualification, appointment, and regulation of Notary Publics (Notaries) by the Secretary of State. As such, a Notary is a public servant. The MiLONA prescribes the powers and duties of state agencies and local officers and provides for remedies and penalties. The MiLONA provides for the protection of citizens against fraud by requiring that a commissioned Notary verify and attest to the signing of documents. The MiLONA further provides for the admissibility of evidence and establishes the recognition of acknowledgments and other notarial acts performed outside of this state.

Notary Commission
A Notary Public commission is a statewide appointment. Although commissioned in a specific county, once commissioned, a Notary may notarize anywhere within the State of Michigan. Notaries copy must be included:

  1. Notary Public: State of Michigan
  2. Notary Name:  Exactly as commissioned
  3. Date of Notarization:
  4. County of Commission:
  5. Commission Expiration Date:
  6. Acting in the County of _______. (Included when performing a notarial act outside of the Notary’s county of commission)
    Notary Signature – exactly as commissioned.

The MiLONA does not require Notaries to use an embossed seal or rubber stamp on a document.  However, the use of a stamp provides for a more consistent and complete notarization.

Notarization Types
As discussed above, a commissioned Notary is authorized to perform three (3) types of notarizations.
1. Acknowledgments,
2. Administer Oaths or Affirmations (Jurat), and
3. Witness or Attest to a Signature
Note: A Notary should not decide what type of notarial act a document requires. The client must know and tell the Notary or the document itself clearly indicates what is needed. For example, the jurat indicates that the document was “sworn to before me,” then an oath must be administered.


When administering oaths, parties should raise their right hands. The left hand may be used in cases of disability.  Following the oath, the signer must answer affirmatively i.e.:  I do or Yes.

If no other wording is prescribed, a Notary may use the following or similar language for an affidavit or deposition:

  • Do you solemnly swear that the information set forth in this document is accurate and true to the best of your knowledge and belief?
  • Do you solemnly, sincerely, and truly declare and affirm that the statements made by you in this document are true and correct?

We are authorized, use this link to verify